President Obama Proposes 2016 U.S. Budget

What Is the President’s Budget Request?

Federal law requires that the president submit a budget proposal to Congress every February, which serves as a starting point for negotiations in Congress. The proposal begins the annual federal budget process that creates the budget for the coming fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1. For more on who decides the federal budget, see Federal Budget 101.

Why Does the President’s Budget Matter?

Though the budget ultimately enacted by Congress may look very different from the budget request released by the president, the president’s budget is important. It’s the president’s vision for the country in fiscal year 2016 and beyond, and it reflects input and spending requests from every federal agency. At a time of conflict over federal spending, the president’s budget is largely a political document – but an important one, because it shows the president’s priorities in detail. It also serves as a benchmark against which all subsequent spending legislation will be measured.

More about the President's 2016 Budget:

Total Spending

Taxes and Revenue


Military and War

Climate Change

Social Security & Health Care

Budget Deficit

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