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How the Federal Budget Affects You

  • Discretionary Spending 2015 Discretionary Spending
    This is the part of the budget that lawmakers have to pass into law each year.
  • 2015 Revenues Revenues
    This shows federal tax revenue sources that fund the federal budget.
  • Total Spending 2014 Total Spending
    This shows how all federal dollars are spent, including discretionary and mandatory programs, and interest on the debt.
  • Where Your Taxes Went Where Your Taxes Went
    Ever wonder what happens to your taxes? This shows how each federal income tax dollar was spent last tax year.

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11% of the Military Budget Could Fund Enough Renewable Energy for Every Home in the US

There are 127,586,000 households total in the U.S., according to the most recent Census. The cost of wind power for the ...

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How to Fund ‘Medicare for All’: Slash the Military

We found billions of dollars to pay for Medicare for All—by slashing the Pentagon budget. In 20 years, the US has spent $4.9 trillion on wars, far more than the $300 billion per year over the current system that could ...

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