Primary Stakes

March 5, 2012

Federal Spending Keeps Iowa, New Hampshire Afloat

This month the first voters head to the polls to decide who will be the Republican nominee for president. National Priorities Project took a look at the extent to which residents of the first primary states, Iowa and New Hampshire, receive federal support—even if they may be unaware of it.

Federal Money on the Rise in Florida, Nevada

The second publication in NPP's federal aid to the states series looks at the role of federal money in Florida and Nevada. Both states saw the percentage of federal money in their budgets increase between 2009 and 2010. In addition, state residents saw an increase in direct federal assistance dollars.

Federal Aid Assists Wealthy State of Colorado

Colorado residents attend caucuses on February 7th to decide their pick for the Republican nominee for president. Choosing a presidential candidate in part means caucus-goers will consider how they want the government to spend their federal tax dollars. National Priorities Project took a look at how much Colorado residents currently pay in federal taxes, and what they get in return.

Federal Money Flows into Hard-Hit Michigan

Primary voters in Michigan head to the polls on Feb. 28 to weigh in on the Republican nominating contest. Michigan has been hard hit by the Great Recession, and National Priorities Project took a look at the extent to which Michigan currently relies on federal spending.

Tale of Two Super Tuesday States

National Priorities Project’s Primary Stakes series examines how residents of primary states currently rely on assistance from the federal government, and two Super Tuesday states illustrate that support from the federal government—and taxes paid—can vary widely.