Webinar: Get the Facts About How the President Wants to Spend Taxpayer Dollars in 2016

Get the facts!

Update: Missed this webinar? View it now.

Confused about the federal budget? Unsure what President Obama's recent budget proposal means for you? Have questions about future spending on essential government services, health care, war, or education?

We have answers!

On Thursday, February 26 at 2 pm Eastern Time, NPP Research Director Lindsay Koshgarian will host a free webinar to explain the president's 2016 budget plan and what it means for you.

Based on our analysis and nine essential charts illustrating the president's budget, the webinar will explain key elements of President Obama's 2016 budget proposal. The budget outlines important policy priorities of the president and sets the stage for debate in Congress about how to spend taxpayer dollars in the next year.

The webinar will cover key questions about the budget in an easy-to-understand, accessible manner, including:

  • Why is the president's budget important?
  • What does the budget say about federal spending on programs like education, transportation infrastructure, climate change, and more?
  • How much does the president want to spend on the Pentagon and war?
  • How will this budget proposal affect the national debt?
  • Will this proposal change what Americans pay in taxes?
  • What happens to the budget next?

Register now to attend our free webinar, and get answers to these questions and more!