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No Deal Yet? End the Shutdown and Raise the Debt Ceiling

We are now 15 days into the government shutdown, and just two days away from the debt ceiling deadline. Together, we must demand better.

243 Million Ways to End This Shutdown

Our nation is in crisis. The federal government has shutdown and lawmakers show no sign of moving toward an agreement. But there are 243 million ways to end this shutdown.

How Much Does the Government Shutdown Cost?

We've been talking a lot about how this government shutdown is corrosive for our democracy. But, of course, there's also a cost in dollars.

Government Shutdown: What You Need to Know

The government has shut down today because Congress failed to do its job of passing a budget for fiscal year 2014, which begins today.

Will the Government Shut Down?

There are just a few days left before Oct. 1, the start of the federal government’s new fiscal year and the deadline for Congress to pass some sort of a spending bill in order to avoid a government shutdown.

Big Tax Breaks Equal Big Cash for the Top 1%

The tax code is so full of tax breaks that this year will cost the federal government more than $1 trillion – as much as all discretionary spending in the federal budget. Tax breaks are all different kinds of credits, deductions, and exclusions that allow people to reduce the amount they ...

The Cost of Military Intervention in Syria

U.S. forces would use Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to attack Syria. On our brand-new Cost of National Security site, you can see the real-time cost of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile program. In 2013, the program is projected to cost U.S. taxpayers $320 million – or $36,563 every hour.

Back to School: The Debate Over Student Loans

The good news is that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle came together to pass an important piece of legislation that President Obama then signed it into law. The bad news? The legislation will increase the cost of higher education for future college students.

What's Happening with the Federal Budget and Debt Ceiling?!?

You've heard whispers. Perhaps here and there in the news there's been mention, yet again, of the potential for a government shutdown. So here's the update you need – in handy cheat-sheet format.

Secret Tax Reform

The public won't know which lawmakers requested which reforms for 50 years.