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Deal on Student Loans Could Lead to Higher Interest Rates

The Senate could vote as early as today on a bill that would allow student loan interest rates to rise sharply within a few years.

Food Stamp Cuts Would Pull Benefits from 5,000 Military Families

When lawmakers in the House passed an agriculture bill last week that effectively eliminated funding for the food stamp program, they were pulling nutrition assistance from millions of at-risk families.

Hot Summer Budget Battle #4: Social Security and Medicare

There aren’t many things that 90 percent of Americans agree on, but there are at least two.

Hot Summer Budget Battle #3: Tax Breaks

It’s sexier than you think. Tax breaks might not be your first thought for hot summer beach reading, but what we’re really talking about are big piles of cash.

Hot Summer Budget Battle #2: The 2014 Budget

They don't agree on much, but in at least one way the House and Senate are on the same page: They both want to increase military funding next year.

Immigration Reform Would Save Uncle Sam $197 Billion Over Next 10 Years

According to a report just released by the Congressional Budget Office, the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill would reduce federal budget deficits by $197 billion over the next decade.

Tax Loopholes: Not Just for Apple

The special tax break for investment income – also known as capital gains and dividends – will let taxpayers off the hook for more than $61 billion in taxes this year. Most of those tax savings go to a particular kind of taxpayer.

Cost of War Will Tackle New Terrain

For more than a decade National Priorities Project's Cost of War site has been keeping track of real-time federal spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now the Cost of War site is going to tackle new terrain.

Extra Cash Pushes Debt Ceiling Deadline to September

A better-than-expected cash flow at the U.S. Treasury has turned May 18 into just any old day.

How Much Foreign Aid Does the U.S. Give Away?

Back in October I wrote a blog post here about how much the U.S. spends on diplomacy and foreign aid. "Very little," I wrote back then.