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Elementary, secondary, higher and vocational education.

A Student Reflects on Government Aid

All summer I’ve been on the phone with Americans discussing the federal budget.

How Healthy Is Arizona?

This summer has been full of surprises.

August Recess: Time for Home District Meetings with Congress

What's happening in Congress right now could alter this nation for years to come. NPP's new, easy-to-use fact sheets will help you understand contentious issues like taxes and Obamacare so you can decide for yourself and make your voice heard while lawmakers are close do home during the August recess.

Deal on Student Loans Could Lead to Higher Interest Rates

The Senate could vote as early as today on a bill that would allow student loan interest rates to rise sharply within a few years.

Faces of the Budget: Student Aid and Student Debt

When Richard, a retired Air Force officer, went to college in 1960, student debt was not something people worried about. Fifty years later, everything has changed.

Hot Summer Budget Battle #1: Sequestration

The 2011 Budget Control Act set the stage for the harsh automatic budget cuts known as sequestration to take place on January 1, 2013. These cuts will go on for a decade unless Congress agrees to stop them. Some initiatives, like the WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program, have been cut by more than 20 percent.

Recent impacts on grant funding to state-level programs

The sequester not only cut money allocated to federal programs, but also meant reductions for federal spending at the state and local level.

Cost of War Will Tackle New Terrain

For more than a decade National Priorities Project's Cost of War site has been keeping track of real-time federal spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now the Cost of War site is going to tackle new terrain.

How Budget Cuts Affect Special Education Programs

The cost of education for a child with disabilities can be double the amount needed for a child without disabilities.  Many students with special needs require multiple services such as classroom aides, counseling, specialized equipment, or access to health professionals during the day. Special education programs are often underfunded, leading to poor outcomes for students and repercussions for schools and communities. Unfortunately, many school districts today are seeing budget cuts, and these cuts exacerbate the challenges faced by special education programs.

Top 5 Things to Know About President Obama's 2014 Budget

Today President Obama released his fiscal 2014 budget proposal, which set a record for arriving two months after the legal deadline of the first Monday in February. Here are the top five things to know about the new budget.