August Recess: Time for Home District Meetings with Congress

Facts, by Bart Heird

Image by Bart Heird

August is here, which means that lawmakers will be closer to their home districts and more available to meet with constituents. Facts matter in a democracy, so NPP's team created a series of one-page fact sheets on hot-button issues. The easy-to-understand primers highlight crucial information surrounding contentious issues under debate in Washington – including tax reform, the military budget, Obamacare, student loan interest rates, and more.

Americans deserve the opportunity to get a handle on complex issues and make their voices heard as legislators spend a month at home. What's happening in Congress right now could alter this nation for years to come. All Americans should have the facts to understand what's at stake and make their priorities known to their elected officials.

Fact sheets cover the following issue areas:

We hope NPP's state-level federal spending, the Federal Priorities Database, and our Trade-Offs tool (which helps folks estimate taxes paid on distinct federal programs) will offer additional and necessary background information.

Use our fact sheets to get informed about the issues at stake – and decide for yourself what you value. Then, take action by finding your district office and setting up a visit, placing a phone call, or writing a letter to your Congressperson.

And, if you have a story to share, make sure to send it to NPP for our Faces of the Federal Budget project.