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Latest Federal Priorities Data: Unemployment, Labor Force, Medicare, Medicaid

We have another round of updates to NPP's Federal Priorities Database. Get the latest information on Medicaid participation, Medidcare enrollment, unemployment, and labor force participation.

Data Transparency 2013

Last week, I attended the Data Transparency Coalition’s inaugural conference: Data Transparency 2013. Although the usual open government data suspects from nonprofits and the public sector attended, the conference was largely sponsored by and attended by private sector companies hoping to profit from government data. The meat of Data Transparency ...

DATA Act Gets Another Shot in the New Congress

Kaitlin Devine from the Sunlight Foundations guest posts with an update on the 2013 version of the DATA Act, intended to improve federal spending transparency.

National Priorities Project and Western Massachusetts' First Civic Hackathon

In just over a month, hackers will descend on over 80 locations across the United States, including right here in Western Massachusetts. But don’t worry—these are civic hackers: volunteer technologists, data geeks, designers, and citizens coming together and using publicly-released data to solve challenges relevant to their towns and states. NPP is thrilled to sponsor Hack for Western Mass.

NPP's Federal Spending Database: USASpending.gov Made Understandable

NPP's Federal Priorities Database--the interactive tool that connects the dots between our tax dollars, the federal budget, and programs or services in your community--now pulls spending information from USASpending.gov, making it accessible to the average citizen.

How Sequestration Will Lead to Less Informed Budgeting

The Census Bureau is yet another agency impacted by the sequester, and result could be delayed release of some key economic data. Cutting this bureau's funds could lead to uninformed budgeting and the inability to track the outcomes of our policies and spending.

Did Federal Aid Influence Election Results?

In the recent presidential election, were people who receive federal aid more likely to vote for President Obama? Were the wealthy more likely to vote for Mitt Romney? The Daily Beast, with an assist from NPP's Federal Priorities Database, has the answer.

NPP Launches Updated Federal Priorities Database

Back in June, NPP soft-launched a new version of our Federal Priorities Database.  After incorporating some feedback, we’re ready for a wider audience.The Federal Priorities Database sits on top of information we’ve collected from various government agencies.  It provides a single interface for seeing everything from state emissions to average ...

Good things afoot for NPP's data

To date, this space has been used by National Priorities Project's budget experts to supplement our datasets and other online resources. As NPP's new database manager, I'd like to add some technical commentary to the mix. There’s a few exciting projects in the works—projects that will extend the reach of our publications, analysis, and curated data.