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A Fight for the Future: How Budget Talks Affect Young People

You’ve heard the term “fiscal cliff” and you’ve heard about how lawmakers in Washington can’t agree on spending or taxes. But here’s what you may not have heard: The federal budget negotiations happening right now may result in deep cuts to programs that benefit the next generation of Americans.

A Fight for the Future

National Priorities Project and Young Invincibles announce the release of A Fight for the Future: Education, Job Training, and the Fiscal Showdown, a major report that looks at federal budget priorities through the lens of this nation's future: young people.

Tweets From the Second Presidential Debate

Once again, NPP contributed facts about the budget, taxes, and federal spending to the Presidential Debate conversation happening on Twitter. Here are some of our most popular tweets.

The Debate We're Not Having

These days, it’s fashionable for any candidate for federal office to talk about how quickly he’ll reduce the budget deficit, which totaled around $1.1 trillion in fiscal 2012.

Data Story: Unemployment and Underemployment

To accompany this week’s look at employment numbers, we’ve updated last year’s unemployment and underemployment story from NPP’s Federal Priorities Database. The chart below compares unemployment rates to underemployment rates. Underemployment is a number that not only counts the unemployed but also counts people no longer looking for work and ...

You Ask, We Answer: Can the Government Create Jobs?

This week, in honor of high school and college graduations, we’re talking about job creation and employment. There’s much disagreement over the federal government and job creation—that is, if the federal government can, or should, create jobs.

Budget Brief - Job Creation in the Budget

Senior research analyst Mattea Kramer looks through the President's budget proposal to find out what is designated for job creation.     Want to make sure you don't miss any of our videos? Subscribe to NPP's YouTube Channel!

Priority Number One: Job Creation

Likely voters said their top priority for President Obama’s 2013 budget was job creation, according to a poll conducted last month by The Hill. The president released his fiscal 2013 budget on Feb. 13, and it includes around $350 billion for job creation, including money for jobs in the short-term, ...

Data Story: Unemployment Versus Underemployment

What's the difference between unemployment and underemployment, and how does a long-term economic downturn affect their relationship?

Data Story: Jobs and Department of Defense Procurement

This data story explores the relationship between Department of Defense procurement spending and unemployment rates.