August Recess Legislator Meeting Fact Sheets

July 18, 2013

Members of Congress will be in their home districts in the month of August, and NPP encourages you to set up meetings with your legislators during August to make your budget priorities known. To assist you, this is a series of fact sheets covering federal funding for education, the military, health care, and Social Security, as well as tax reform and overall federal spending and the budget process.

Taxes and Tax Reform Fact Sheet

This fact sheet has all the must-know information as lawmakers consider overhauling the tax code.

Health Care Fact Sheet

The key facts on federal health care spending in this country – including rising costs and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Education Fact Sheet

A fact sheet with must-know information about federal funding for education and what's at stake right now for K-12 education as well as student loan interest rates.

Military Spending Fact Sheet

Key facts for understanding the current debate over military spending.

Social Security Fact Sheet

A cheat sheet for everything you need to know about Social Security and preserving the program's long-term future.

Federal Spending Fact Sheet

The key facts on federal spending and the off-the-rails budget process.