Tax Day 2019 Social Media Toolkit

April 11, 2019

Dear partners: Thank you for helping us spread the word about where our federal income tax dollars go.

Check out the talking points in our blog, "Seven Tax Facts of 2019," and key findings from "Where Your Tax Dollar Was Spent in 2018." 

Below are graphics that you can share with your networks, along with sample text to post or tweet. Please use the hashtags #ShowTheReceipts or #TaxDay2019 when sharing with your community on social media, and feel free to add the link to our Tax Day 2019 landing page (!

The average taxpayer last year paid $183 for all diplomacy and foreign aid, compared to almost nineteen times as much — $3,457 – for the Pentagon and military. #ShowTheReceipts

The average U.S. taxpayer worked 63 days last year to fund military spending. Only 13 of those days paid to directly support the troops, while 31 paid to fund private contractors. #ShowTheReceipts

12¢ on the dollar goes to military contractors, including $230 to Lockheed Martin & $102 to Boeing per average taxpayer. That’s much more than what the average taxpayer gives to fund public housing & homeless assistance ($40). #ShowTheReceipts

The average taxpayer in 2018 contributed just $38 for the Environmental Protection Agency, which Trump's 2020 budget threatens with a 31% budget cut. For $11.63 per taxpayer, we can stop the Trump cuts & keep the EPA fully funded. #ShowTheReceipts

The average taxpayer in 2018 spent 22 times more to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters fueled by climate change ($179), than on promoting the shift to renewable energy ($8) in order to help avoid worsening climate disruption. #ShowTheReceipts

The average taxpayer contributed $100 to nuclear weapons in 2018, but only $51 to foreign aid. #ShowTheReceipts