NPP Hits the Road to Move the Money from the Pentagon to Domestic Programs

#Selfie with Move the Money training participants in Wisconsin/ Photo Courtesy of Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

April, May, and June have been busy months on the road for National Priorities Project and our partner, Peace Action. In 12 short weeks, we have traveled thousands of miles visiting four states to deliver our groundbreaking "Move the Money" trainings, encouraging local communities to engage in the federal budget process, learn about current spending priorities, and develop strategies for how to change them.

Move the Money is a movement that engages community leaders and activists in a discussion of the federal budget, Pentagon spending, war funding through the Overseas Contingency Operations fund, and defense transition. The vision of these trainings is to facilitate a public conversation about how our nation’s long-term interests might be better served by investing in human services, education, and manufacturing jobs for civilian use, as opposed to military and war. To do this, we believe we must build citizen knowledge and confidence to get involved in budget discussions. 

We developed these Move the Money trainings with the vision that they will help create a federal budget that reflects the people’s priorities, since polling shows that current budget proposals don't always match up with what Americans want. 

Our Move the Money page has substantial resources for you to learn about the federal budget process and military spending and to help us build momentum in this movement. We believe the federal budget belongs to us, the people. Let's take back the federal budget and make our spending priorities known. Let's Move the Money!