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Data Story: Programs Highlighted in the Budget Request

Our latest data story highlights some of the historical federal spending patterns for several grant programs featured in President Obama's budget proposal for fiscal year 2013.

Data Wednesday: Normalizing

When looking at data, you may hear or read the phrase normalization. Simply put, normalization is transforming a set of data so that they may be compared in a meaningful way. Still sounds geeky? Although you may not realize it, you use normalized data all the time. The latest Data Wednesday walks you through an example using familiar information: unemployment numbers.

Data Wednesday: Recap

To date, Data Wednesday has focused on the mechanics of using NPP’s Federal Priorities Database—a collection of information we’ve pulled from many, many government agencies and compiled into an easy-to-use search tool. Beginning next week, we’ll focus less on how-to and more on the concepts important to making sense of ...

Data Wednesday: Embedding Search Results

The latest Data Wednesday installment shows you how to embed the Federal Priorities Database interactive map right into your own website.

Data Wednesday: Federal Money in the States

Earlier this week, National Priorities Project released Federal Money on the Rise in Florida, Nevada, a surprising look at the role of federal money in the states. As the primary season continues, we'll be putting more states under the microscope. In the meantime, here are a few resources for getting these numbers for your own state.

Data Wednesday: Linking to Search Results

This is the latest entry in NPP’s weekly Data Wednesday series, a getting-started guide to NPP’s Federal Priorities Database.  All previous posts are archived here. So you’ve run a great search in the database, and now you want to share the information. For example, you want to show your friends the ...

Data Wednesday: County Data

In the latest Data Wednesday, learn how to view and export county-level data from NPP's Federal Priorities Database.

Data Story: Tax Collections, Simplified

We recently took some data from the IRS and made it even better.

Data Wednesday: Downloading Data

In the latest Data Wednesday post, learn how move data from the Federal Priorities Database to a spreadsheet on your own computer. From there, you're free to combine it with other spreadsheets, apply your own formulas, create graphs, or do anything else you can dream up.

The Role of Federal Money in Your State

NPP recently examined the role of federal money in Iowa and New Hampshire. Key data in this report came from our Federal Priorities Database and are available to anyone interested in researching other states: Federal Aid to Individuals (1993-2010) Federal Tax Collection (1998-2010) Federal Aid to Individuals Using a report from ...