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Billions of Dollars Missing From Government Spending Website

The Government Accountability Office recently found that $619 billion in federal grants and loans was improperly reported in 2012.

Localizable Federal Budget Data: What Does Your Community Spend on Education, the Iraq War, Foreign Aid, and the Debt?

What’s the cost of the Iraq war to taxpayers in your town? If you could reallocate those tax dollars, what would you buy instead? NPP's easy-to-use, localizable federal budget data can answer these questions and many more.

Transparency Camp, Government Spending, and the DATA Act

Federal spending transparency advocates gathered at Transparency Camp 2014 to hear the latest on the DATA Act and how to make it a success.

Government Spending, The DATA Act, and the End of Yada Yada

Congress authorizes spending and yada yada yada, Treasury cuts checks. The DATA Act says we can do better when it comes to tracking government spending.

Federal Spending Matters in Your State

Does the federal budget affect lunchtime for the kids in your neighborhood? You might be surprised at the answer.

National Priorities Project Reacts to President's Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

President Obama today released his $3.9 trillion fiscal 2015 budget proposal, a plan that includes new manufacturing institutes, job training, and the president’s signature initiative of universal pre-kindergarten education. Here are the highlgihts of what the budget contains.

International Open Data Day 2014

February 22 is International Open Data Day. Celebrate by checking out some of NPP's open data tools.

Federal Spending: the Missing Money

NPP visited DC to advocate for federal spending data that captures the flow of federal money to states and communities.

Data Innovation Day 2014

NPP is proud to celebrate Data Innovation Day 2014 by highlighting our open data tools.

PDF Data: Set Them Free at PDF Liberation

This weekend, people around the world will gather to liberate data from PDFs. NPP's tax breaks dataset is an example of what can happen when we set information free.