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Testimony To The National Commission Of Fiscal Responsibility And Reform: 06/30/2010

Robert L. Bixby - The Concord Coalition

Those Who Profited From Deficit Spending Should Be Focused On Fiscal Commission: 06/30/2010

Kzeese - ProsperityAgenda.US

The United States can be fiscally responsible and meet the urgent necessities of the American people by stopping corporate welfare to concentrated industries, taxing the wealthiest that profited from three decades of tax breaks and reigning in weapons and war spending. Expanding Medicare to cover all Americans will save money ...

What Happens When The Stimulus Runs Out?: 06/30/2010

Letters to the editor - The Seattle Times

Editor, The Times:

Of Bubbles And Bailouts : 06/28/2010

Mary Bottari - Dollars & Sense

The collapse of the U.S. housing bubble led directly to the largest industry bailout in U.S. history. While it will be many years yet before we can put a hard number to the amount of taxpayer dollars actually lost in the bailout, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has ...

What Are Our Congressional Representatives Thinking?: 06/22/2010

- League Voice

So in today's auto-emails that track the (lack of) progress on the pending Extender legislation in Congress we read that the latest bright idea to bring down the cost of the legislation is to remove unemployment benefits and federal Medicaid funding for the states. Oh lovely. Also in today's mail, ...

Trillion Dollar Dreams: What Military Spending Could Buy: 06/22/2010

Islam Muhammad - Washington Informer

The United States reached the $1 trillion mark in the costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq at the same time that the country recently surpassed one thousand deaths of American soldiers serving in Afghanistan.Many feel with all the money spent America is not any safer, and argue war ...

Japan Given Afghanistan Priority Mining Rights: 06/21/2010

Lyn Thomas - Tropic Post

Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, said that Japan, not the U.S., takes priority over other nations when it comes to mining his country's new found vast mineral deposits."Morally Afghanistan should give access as a priority to those countries that have helped Afghanistan massively in the past few years," said Karzai. He ...

City To Take Up Anti-War Resolution: 06/21/2010

Chad Cain - Daily Hampshire Gazette

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How One Trillion Dollars Could Be Better Spent: 06/18/2010

- DC Up Close

The Money Culture: 06/15/2010

Hank Kalet -

We are killing the planet. There is no other way to say it. Our greed and arrogance have prevented us from taking the necessary steps to ensure that the planet we will pass along to our descendents is livable. We believe cheap oil is our birthright and that cracking down ...