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Us Spending On Wars In Iraq, Afghanistan Tops $1 Trillion: 06/01/2010

- Democracy Now!

And the amount of money spent on the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has now surpassed the $1 trillion mark. The National Priorities Project Cost of War counter says the milestone was reached Sunday morning. To date over $747 billion has been appropriated for the war in Iraq and ...

Bringing The Troops And War Dollars Home – A Forum In Northampton: 06/01/2010

- Iraq & Vietnam War Stories

A couple of weeks ago there was a teach-in here in Northampton about the War in Afghanistan, its causes and effects. One of the workshops that followed involved an effort that began in Maine to urge city councils around the country to pass resolutions urging the U.S. Congress to "BRING ...

Direct Spending By Us Government On Afghan And Iraq Wars: 06/01/2010

- Stop the War in Afghanistan

The daily Internet, TV, radio program, Democracy Now, included the following item on its list of "headlines" today, June 1, 2010. See the full array of headlines and the featured topic of the program at: The figures cited in the headline are incomplete. For example, they do not include ...

Cost Of Us Wars Could Have Paid For Free Health Care For Nearly Everyone: 05/31/2010

- Western Progressive

Of course, if we're paying for wars, conservatives don't classify that as 'big government.' They never did under Bush. However, once Obama became president and turned part of his attention towards projects at home, such as infrastructure and health care, that was somehow socialist.

What Has Reno, Nevada Got To Show For $1 Trillion In Iraq And Afghanistan?: 05/31/2010

- maven&meddler

As of 10:06 a.m., Sunday, May 30th, the United States will have spent $1 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Can We Afford To Be The “Bank Of Afghanistan R Us' In The Next 15 Years?: 05/31/2010

- DiploPundit

World Map, showing Failed States according to ...Image via Wikipedia

The Iraq And Afghanistan Wars Mutilated Our Economy: 05/30/2010

Derrick Crowe - Alternet


City Council Eyes War Policy: 05/30/2010

Fred Contrada - The Republican

NORTHAMPTON - The city is making another venture into federal and foreign policy as it prepares to sound out residents on a resolution to bring home the local tax money that is funding America's wars abroad.

$1,000,000,000,000 And Counting: 05/30/2010


According to the National Priorities Project, the total direct cost to the United States of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq surpassed one trillion dollars on Sunday, May 30th.

Defense Spending The Top Priority, Critics Fear: 05/30/2010

Yana Kunichoff - truthout

As the United States retains its place as the world's largest defense spender for another year, and the Cost of War counter inches toward the $1 trillion mark, community activists bemoan the priorities of the Obama administration.