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Afghan War Forum Packs Falmouth Hall: 04/12/2010

Robert Gold - Cape Cod Times

FALMOUTH — Should the U.S. commit more money and troops to the war in Afghanistan? Should all the troops be sent home, ending the war?A panel of experts drew a packed auditorium at Morse Pond School yesterday afternoon as they tackled the growing list of questions about the war in ...

War Taxing America: 04/11/2010

Jo Comerford - Alternet

Matt Ryan, the mayor of Binghamton, New York, is sick and tired of watching people in local communities "squabble over crumbs," as he puts it, while so much local money pours into the Pentagon's coffers and into America's wars. He's so sick and tired of it, in fact, that, urged ...

Obama Puts New Limits On Us Use Of Nuclear Weapons: 04/06/2010

Gordon Lubold - Christian Science Moniter

he Obama administration began its journey toward a world free of nuclear weapons by declaring that it would rely on such weapons less and conventional weapons more.

A Navy Ship Competition?: 04/04/2010

- Prairie Pundit

As the Navy prepares to choose one version of the littoral combat ship as the basis for future orders, all sides say the service needs to go for the best deal.

Where Did Your 2009 Federal Income Tax Dollars Go?: 04/01/2010

Jo Comerford - Common Dreams

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. - April 1 - As April 15, 2010 approaches, taxpayers can take stock of how the federal government spent each of their 2009 federal income tax dollars. In its annual release, Where did your tax dollars go?, NPP offers a breakout of federal income tax dollar allocation while ...

Middle East Wars: Tragic Loss, Needless Expense: 03/28/2010

- Ithica Journal

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Defense Budget: After Afghanistan And Iraq Withdrawal, A Peace Dividend?: 03/27/2010

David R. Francis - Christian Science Monitor

With the withdrawal of its military forces in Iraq already under way and increasing talk of winding down operations in Afghanistan, the United States is poised to reap a "peace dividend."But it won't rival the one after the end of the cold war – a 40 percent drop in real ...

Pay For Teaching Arts, Not For Foreign Wars: 03/27/2010

- Des Moines Register

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Students Go Gaga, Want Out Of Bad Romance With Obama: 03/22/2010

Joseph Huff-Hannon - The Huffington Post/The Guardian

It's a Friday afternoon at Farragut Square, a genteel park just a few blocks from the White House in downtown Washington. Office workers, tourists and the occasional homeless person soak up the afternoon sun on one of the first pleasant days of spring. In other words, it's the perfect time ...