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Victory In Afghanistan? A Fool's Dream: 05/12/2010

Stephen D - Daily Kos

ongress is being asked to vote on another appropriations bill for billions more dollars to fund military operations in Afghanistan despite reservations among many members about the corrupt regime of Afghan leader, Hamid Karzai. Operations that many in the Pentagon are beginning to question from both an tactical and strategic ...

Flushing More Money Down The Afghan Toilet: 05/11/2010

David Swanson - CBS News

Isn't it time to call what Congress will soon vote on by its right name: war escalation funding?

No Wonder This Country Is Going Broke: 05/11/2010

Jerry Lanson - True/Slant

Death and taxes, the saying goes, are the only sure things in life. But while many Americans don't feel as if they're getting off easy — 48 percent say their taxes are too high, a recent Gallup poll found — a new analysis by USA Today finds taxes in this ...

Gates: We Can Cut Military Spending: 05/10/2010

William Hartung - Huffington Post

Well, he didn't exactly say that. But in his speech last Saturday at the Eisenhower Library, Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates acknowledged that the United States has such a huge lead in conventional military power that we can afford to do without a few ships here, a few planes ...

Sncc's 50th: Thoughts From Sue Thrasher: 05/10/2010

smkotch - Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement

Many thanks to activist, writer, and educator Sue Thrasher for sharing these thoughts on the recent SNCC conference. We have posted them with some photos taken by historian Patrick D. Jones. Take a look at Patrick's album of SNCC reunion photos here. The site also has a great list of ...

The Folly Of Nation-Building: 05/09/2010

Austin Raynor - The Libertarian Solution

Since 9-11, American foreign policy has become markedly interventionist and excessively costly. According to the National Priorities Project, Congress to date has allocated $747.3 billion to the war in Iraq and $299 billion to the war in Afghanistan. American military expenditures are as great as the military expenditures of the ...

Afghanistan And Central Asian Oil: 05/07/2010

John CK Daly - ISA Intel

Operation Enduring Freedom on 7 October began its ninth year. At $4 billion per month, a National Priorities Project has determined that the total cost of military operations in Afghanistan by the end of the year will be almost $200 billion. Thoughtful American taxpayers may ask why the Obama administration ...

Rpt-Factox-A Look At Costs Of Afghan War To U.S. Taxpayers: 05/06/2010

Susan Cornwell - Reuters

President Barack Obama's request in February for more money to pay for the war in Afghanistan is still snarled in Congress as lawmakers work on other priorities and deal with scarce budget resources.

Jobs And Budget Crises Data: Local Impacts And Federal Initiatives: 05/04/2010

Sarah VonEsch - Aggressive Progressive

The economy may be turning around for some, but in many states across the country, unemployment is well above ten percent. Most of us can probably point to situations where people are losing their jobs and homes, small businesses are closing, social services are being cut and families are forced ...

Mushrooms Keep Sprouting: 05/04/2010

Alan Singer - The Huffington Post

Anthropologist Margaret Mead is credited with the statement, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Mead supposedly said it at a cocktail party and although she was a prolific author, she never wrote it ...