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Tax Day 2015: How the Federal Government Spent Taxpayer Dollars Last Year: 04/09/2015

National Priorities Project releases to-the-penny breakdown of how federal income taxes were spent, including tax receipts by state and an individual tax receipt calculator

National Priorities Project Reacts to President Obama's Request for Authorization of Use of Military Force Against ISIS: 02/12/2015

President Obama sent language to Congress on Wednesday seeking an Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) for military action against ISIS, which seeks Congressional approval for war in the Middle East for the next three years.

New Report: Obama's FY2016 Budget & Americans' Priorities: 02/04/2015

NPP has analyzed how the president's budget proposal and compared it to Americans' stated policy priorities.

National Priorities Project Reacts to President Obama's FY2016 Budget: 02/02/2015

$4 Trillion Proposal Emphasizes Jobs, Education, Pentagon, New Taxes on Wealthy

New Website Tracks Federal Spending to the State Level: 10/16/2014

Highlights Previously Unavailable Data About How U.S. Government Spends Taxpayer Dollars

NPP Releases Fact Sheets on 13 Key Election Issues: 09/08/2014

2014 Voter’s Guide includes key data points, implications for the federal budget, and top questions to ask candidates running for Congress

The Cost of Military Intervention in Iraq: 06/18/2014

As President Obama and Congress consider their next move on the crisis in Iraq, they must take into consideration the cost to the U.S. and American taxpayers when our nation goes to war.

New Report: Growing Cost of Tax Breaks Signals Need for Reform : 05/07/2014

In the midst of Congressional debate about a tax extenders package, National Priorities Project (NPP) has released a new report, "The Big Money in Tax Breaks," which puts the cost of tax breaks into perspective.

National Priorities Project Appoints Douglas Hall, of the Economic Policy Institute, as New Executive Director : 04/30/2014

Douglas J. Hall, Ph.D., the current director of the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., will become executive director of National Priorities Project (NPP) in June. Jo Comerford, who has led the organization since 2008, will step down at the end of May.

Tax Receipt Shows How Government Spent Tax Dollars: 04/09/2014

NPP's tax receipt calculator shows how federal income tax dollars were spent in 2013 -- for individuals, the average American, and the average taxpayer by state.