The Big Money in Tax Breaks: Top 3 Tax Breaks in 2013

 Visualization: Big Money in Tax Breaks

If the U.S. Treasury estimated that something cost the government $1.13 trillion (that's $1,130,000,000,000) in 2013 alone, would you want to know about it?

We thought so! That’s why NPP just released The Big Money in Tax Breaks, a treasure trove of information about the loopholes, deductions, and credits that reduce the amount of taxes paid by individuals and corporations. In 2013 those tax breaks resulted in an estimated $1.13 trillion fewer dollars collected by the federal government.

And what are the biggest tax breaks in 2013?

  1. Employer payments for employee health insurance are tax-exempt.
    Total cost = $203 billion.
  2. Contributions to certain employer-sponsored retirement plans are tax-exempt.
    Total cost = $116 billion.
  3. Interest on a home mortgage is tax deductible.
    Total cost = $93 billion.

To see the entire top 10, check out our interactive visualization, which also shows who benefits from the tax breaks and their costs over time. Are you a tax nerd? We also released a report (Exposing the Big Money in Tax Breaks) and a never-before-compiled dataset of all tax breaks and their estimated costs from 1974 to 2014.

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