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New Data: Defense Department Personnel

A new indicator is now available in the Federal Priorities Database: Department of Defense Personnel: Number of civilian, military, and reserve national guard personnel employed by the Department of Defense.

New Data: Defense Procurement Contracts

We've added another federal expenditure to the Federal Priorities Database: Department of Defense Procurement Contracts: amount of procurement contracts awarded by the Department of Defense (by vendor location).

The New Debt Deal: Why States Will Get Whacked & Musings on the Bush Tax Cuts

Well friends it's August 3, and despite their best efforts Congress and the President did finally pass a deal to raise the debt-ceiling. It's call the Budget Control Act of 2011. Happy days, right? Not so fast, Fonzarelli. Nearly every lawmaker who voted for the bill has described it as ...

Congress to Pass Debt Deal: Why No One's Happy, Why It's Not Over & What My Neighbor Thinks

Well, people, it's August 1, just hours away from the deadline for raising the debt-ceiling and avoiding a disastrous U.S. credit default. As this story has unfolded, we've had some laughs, shared some disappointments and frustrations I'm sure, as well as a renewed our appreciation for the nuances of the ...

The Precarious Position of Anti-poverty Programs

p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } There are a deluge of budget proposals and compromises that Congress is trying to quickly wade through as the August 2nd date for default on our federal debt draws near. On one side, House Republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling without a ...

New Data: Population by Gender

We've replaced the old Census population estimates data with a more robust set that includes combined population estimates from 3 decades: 80s, 90s, and 00s.  We've also added county-level populations.

"OK, So..." Everything You Need to Know About the Debt-Ceiling, July 24-30

We left off last week with a Boehner-Obama breakup that would've made the writers of Dawson's Creek green with envy. On Friday, it was rumored the two were close to striking a deal on the debt-ceiling, but then Boehner started acting all weird and not returning Barry's phone calls. So ...

"Huh?" Everything You Need to Know About the Debt-Ceiling, July 17-23

We left off last week with the White House talks crumbling, the GOP rallying around the sure-to-fail Cut, Cap & Balance Act, and Sen. Mitch McConnell's “last ditch” plan gaining traction, at least in the Senate. Here's what's happening this week (and if you have time, check out out this ...

"Wait...What?" Debt-Ceiling Recap, Week of July 10

A LOT of people have been asking me for details of what's been going on with the debt-ceiling. And rightly so, there's a flood of information out there. But here's the important stuff:On Thursday, July 7, President Obama met with Congressional leaders at the White House in an attempt to ...

New Data: WIC Benefits and Participation

We've added two new food-related indicators to the Federal Priorities Database: WIC benefits and WIC participation.