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FAQ: Why Should I Care About Tax Reform

If you've read our FAQ, you know what tax reform is. But why should you care?

Operation Secret Loopholes

As Congress tackles the 2014 budget, tax reform is happening in secret.

Top Five Facts About a $1.2 Trillion Secret Project

The top 5 fun facts about the $1.2 trillion project that's happening behind closed doors.

Secret Tax Reform

The public won't know which lawmakers requested which reforms for 50 years.

Help Congress Act on Tax Reform

NPP's Taxes and Tax Reform one-page fact sheet gives you the info you need to weigh in on changes to the tax code.

Slimming Down the Tax Code: the Blank Slate Diet

Speaking of hot summer budget battles, can two Senators put tax breaks on a "blank slate" diet and shed a few pounds from the U.S. tax code?

Tax Loopholes: Not Just for Apple

The special tax break for investment income – also known as capital gains and dividends – will let taxpayers off the hook for more than $61 billion in taxes this year. Most of those tax savings go to a particular kind of taxpayer.

Tax Day 2013, Tax Receipts, and Trade-Offs

Introducing trade-offs, a new tool in NPP's tax day arsenal. In addition to generating a personal income tax receipt, you can now see how much your state, county, congressional district, and town contributed to federal programs and reallocate those tax dollars to match your personal priorities.

See Where Your Taxes Went

Taxes are due on April 15 – right around the corner – though few Americans know where their taxes actually go. So NPP is launching Tax Day 2013 – a suite of materials, including this chart that shows how Washington spent every one of your income tax dollars in 2012.

Worried About Spending? Don't Forget the Revenue.

As tax season and Fiscal Cliff II get into full swing, we're highlighting our Federal Tax Collections data in the Federal Priorities Database.