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National Priorities Project Tallies Cost Of War Including Recent Supplemental Bill Through September 30, 2010: 08/05/2010

- PA Council of Churches

WASHINGTON - August 5 - With the passage of a supplemental spending bill last week (H.R. 4899), Congress has appropriated an additional $36.2 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the 2010 fiscal year. The bulk of this money was directed to Afghanistan accounting for $33.9 billion. National Priorities ...

National Priorities Project: $1.09 Trillion Total Spending In Iraq And Afghanistan: 08/05/2010

Michael Leon - Veterans Today

Tallies Cost of War Including Recent Supplemental Bill through September 30, 2010$749.9 billion for Iraq$337.8 billion for Afghanistan$1.09 trillion total spending With the passage of a supplemental spending bill last week (H.R. 4899), Congress has appropriated an additional $36.2 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the 2010 fiscal ...

90 Congressional Candidates Oppose War Spending: 07/26/2010

David Swanson - World News

Rebuild America, Or Bomb Afghanistan? Bring Our War Dollars Home!: 07/23/2010

Lisa Savage - Centre for Research on Globalization

Meanwhile, a National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is talking about cuts to Social Security, Medicare and the home mortgage deduction to address the nation's growing budget deficit.

Pakistan Change Of Strategy Is Business As Usual: 07/19/2010

James Owens - West Orlando News Online

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Sunday, what is being touted as a new plan for dealing with Pakistan. The plan involves an expansion of development assistance in an effort to keep Pakistan on-board in the fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban. This is not a new plan, it's the ...

Pentagon Spending On The Chopping Block : 07/15/2010

Chris Hellman - Yes! Magazine

The current economic crisis, coupled with concerns about spiraling deficits and our staggering national debt, is, at long last, bringing military spending to the forefront of the budget debate. Not since the end of the Cold War and the discussion of a "peace dividend" has the Pentagon budget—generally considered sacrosanct—received ...

Pratt, Ge Escalate Engine Battle In Congress: 07/14/2010

Deirdre Shesgreen - Connecticut Mirror

WASHINGTON-Two of Connecticut's corporate giants-Pratt & Whitney and General Electric Co.-have long been at loggerheads over a multi-million dollar spending item in the federal budget: $485 million to fund an alternate engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.Pratt makes the JSF's lead engine, while GE and Rolls Royce are jointly ...

Who's War Is It Anyway?: 07/11/2010

Bella Volchik - Shawangunk Journal

As recently as last month, President Barrack Obama in his speech to West Point cadets was defending his escalation of the war in Afghanistan. He called for an "international order that can meet challenges of our generation" that ranges from nuclear proliferation to climate change.

Preventing And Curing Conflict: 07/07/2010

Robin Lindley - Real Change

What if more of us saw war as a global health problem?

Afghanistan: The Graveyard Of Delusion: 07/06/2010

John Stang - The Independent Internationalist

Welcome to Afghanistan: the 2nd most corrupt place on earth. The perfect vacation spot. In this Middle East paradise the weather is warm and the opium could not be better. For some great tourist destinations, check out Kabul home to Hamid Kazi, the most unpopular man in land. If you ...