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South Leads Military: 10/12/2010

Georgeann King - Midtown Republican Club

According to a survey by the National Priorities Project, the South leads in military volunteers. The regional breakdown shows that active duty recruits per 1,000 youth is 1.81 in the South; 1.01 in the Northeast; 1.33 in the Midwest and the West has 1.44. That translates into 23% more recruits ...

Debunking The Ridiculousness Of The “Pverty Draft” Legend: 10/12/2010

- The American Legion's Burn Pit

A multi-cultural military, for a multi-cultural country. Let's not let extremists frame the topic.

Cut Federal Budget By Ending The Wars: 10/09/2010

- Des Moines Register

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One Nation: Uniting For Jobs, Not War: 10/08/2010

Phyllis Bennis - YES! Magazine

His always-identifiable, once-in-a-generation voice booming across the sun-drenched National Mall, the legendary actor-activist Harry Belafonte evoked the words of his long-ago friend and colleague, Martin Luther King, Jr. As he spoke, a hundred thousand people rose to their feet in a roaring ovation. Whatever had come before, this was the ...

Marin Voice: War's Grim Echoes At Home: 10/07/2010

Normon Solomon - Marin Independent Journal

TODAY, the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan is beginning its 10th year, with 100,000 American troops in that country nearly a decade after the invasion started on Oct. 7, 2001.

Today’S Army: Smarter, Richer, Southern: 10/07/2010

Spencer Ackerman - Wired "Danger Room" Blog

By the end of this month, the U.S. will have spent $1.05 trillion to fight the wars in Iraq ($747.3 billion) and Afghanistan ($299 billion), according to the Northampton-based National Priorities Project.It doesn't take a lot of imagination to come up with a long list of ways that money could ...

News In Brief: Afghan War Rages For Nine Years.: 10/07/2010

Mike Ludwig - truthout

The war in Afghanistan officially began nine years ago today. At least 2,118 United States service men and women have been killed and 8,530 have been wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, according to CNN. Thousands more civilians have died, and civilian and coalition body counts hit all time ...

Impact Of Federal Funding On New Jersey Economy Is Topic Of Program At William Paterson University On October 5: 10/05/2010

Jo Comerford - William Paterson University News Release

The impact of national funding priorities on New Jersey's economy will be the topic of a talk by Jo Comerford, executive director of the National Priorities Project, on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at William Paterson University in Wayne. Her address, "New Jersey Out of Balance: The Impact of Federal Spending ...

Maryland Congresswoman Rallies Democrats In Northampton, 10/2/10: 10/02/2010

STEVE PFARRER - Daily Hampshire Gazette

Federal Money, Everyone's Morals: 10/01/2010

H. Patricia Hynes - Daily Hampshire Gazette

"... Budgets are moral documents," states Congresswoman Barbara Lee, but "they don't lend themselves to a moral reading." She adds that increases in military spending are made at the expense of federal investment in affordable housing, home care, childcare and education; yet, no budget documentation acknowledges this trade-off.