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A Protester For The Ages: 09/13/2010

David Abel - The Boston Globe

NORTHAMPTON — Authorities dragged the short woman with white hair out of her congressman's Springfield office while she protested the Iraq war. She spent a month in federal prison after painting "Thou shalt not kill'' on missile tubes of nuclear submarines in Connecticut. She has been arrested nine times for ...

Peace Group Gathering To End America's Longest War: 09/11/2010

Ilze Petersons - Bangor Daily News

On the ninth anniversary of 9-11, I recall the disbelief, shock, anger, fear and sadness I felt when I heard of the 3,000 people killed as terrorists used airplanes as weapons to attack the World Trade Center. I remember how important it was for me to be able to share ...

Green Party Candidate: S.C. Needs To Be More Fiscally Responsible: 09/10/2010

Carlton Purvis - South Carolina Now

Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Tom Clements says he would like to see money that comes into South Carolina applied more responsibly to address South Carolina's high jobless rate.

What's Going On In The Labs: 09/03/2010

Joshua Ruihley - Sunlight Labs

This is the first in a monthly series of updates letting you know what we're working on here in the Sunlight Labs offices.

Updated: Northampton City Council To Take Up War Resolution Thursday: 09/02/2010

- Daily Hampshire Gazette

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Local Veterans, Refugees Look To Iraq's Future: 09/01/2010

Todd South - Chattanooga Times Free Press

As U.S. troops leave Iraq, some Iraqi refugees in Chattanooga worry their country isn't ready to take charge of its own future, but local veterans of the conflict are cautiously optimistic.

The War In Iraq: At What Cost?: 09/01/2010

Jim Wallis - Huffington Post

The emotion that grips me this morning, after watching President Obama's speech last night and listening to the commentary about the "end of our combat mission in Iraq," is a deep sadness. Even in the Oval Office speech last night, the mission of the war in Iraq still wasn't made ...

War Toll Is Heaviest In Poor, Rural Areas: Research Links Poor Economy To Iraq Deaths: 09/01/2010

Johnny Edwards - The Augusta Chronicle

ALLENDALE, S.C. --- Rodricka Youmans got tired of borrowing money from his father to pay the rent. It hurt his pride.Barely out of his teens and already tied down by the responsibilities of fatherhood, he tried in vain to find work at Savannah River Site and the textile plant where ...

A Speech For Endless War: 09/01/2010

Normon Solomon - Huffington Post

On the last night of August, the president used an Oval Office speech to boost a policy of perpetual war.

Cleburne Taxpayers Will Spend Big On Afghan War: 08/27/2010

Wayne Ruple - Cleburne News

According to the National Priorities Project ( the taxpayers of Cleburne County will pay big for the proposed Afghanistan war spending in fiscal year 2011 - $3.1 million to be exact.According to their research, that same $3.1 million could be spent locally in more beneficial ways such as:*Providing 448 military ...