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Cost Of Us War In Afghanistan, Iraq Exceeds $1 Trl: 06/10/2010

- The Voices of Russia in New York City

The cost of the United States' wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost taxpayers more than one trillion dollars as of June 1, according to a report published by a nonprofit organization "National Priorities Project".

Us Military Campaigns In Iraq And Afghanistan Cost More Than $1 Trillion: 06/10/2010

- RTT News

RTTNews) - A report by a non-profit organization which tracks American military spending says the total cost of the US military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan has crossed $1 trillion.

Wasted On The War: Trillion With A “T” : 06/10/2010

Rep. Lynn Woolsey - The Hill: Congress Blog

A week ago Sunday at approximately 10:06 a.m., after the House had adjourned for recess and Americans were enjoying their holiday weekends, our nation reached a truly disturbing milestone. At about that moment, according to the National Priorities Project, the combined amount of taxpayer money spent on the wars in ...

The Longest Day And The Longest War: 06/10/2010

Saul Friedman - Huffington Post

Ordinarily, this column, devoted to issues confronting older Americans, doesn't get into more cosmic subjects of war and peace. But the bloviating former headmaster who spoke too long at my granddaughter's graduation lost an opportunity to tell the graduates something they ought to know. He spoke almost nostalgically about World ...

Mass Murder In Charlottesvill, Virginia: 06/10/2010

David Swanson - American Chronicle

During the past five years since I moved back to Charlottesville, Virginia, I had yet to observe the slightest violent incident, prior to the recent spree of horrific mass murders. There was crime, but I hadn't ever seen it. I had only heard about it in the local media. First ...

U.S. War Costs: $1 Trillion And Counting: 06/08/2010

Richard Burnett - Orlando Sentinel

After nearly a decade of combat, U.S. spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan recently passed the $1 trillion mark, making them the biggest wartime expenditure since World War II, according to a new report.

How To Close The Deficit: 06/07/2010

Libby Spencer - The Detroit News: Politics Blog

Those who became suddenly outraged about the deficit since Obama was elected focus their ire on social programs mostly, with a nod towards "pork barrel" spending, as long as the projects aren't directly benefiting their districts. We constantly hear how Social Security and Medicare are "unsustainable" but few look to ...

Johan Galtung On “The Fall Of The Us Empire”: 06/07/2010

- Democracy Now!

The amount of money the United States has spent on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq surpassed the $1 trillion mark last week, according to the National Priorities Project Cost of War counter. To date, over $747 billion has been appropriated for the war in Iraq and $299 billion for the ...

Cost Of War Tops $1 Trillion: 06/06/2010

Matt Kanner - The Wire

The combined total cost of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was projected to exceed $1 trillion on May 30, according to the National Priorities Project. The United States has appropriated $747.3 billion for the war in Iraq and $299 billion for the war in Afghanistan.

U.S. Spending On Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan Exceeds $1 Trillion: 06/05/2010

Scott Harris - Between the Lines

On Memorial Day 2010, Americans honored the service of the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have fought in the nation's wars, past and present. During this year's holiday, parades and ceremonies remembered those who have fallen in the wars that continue in Iraq and Afghanistan. To date ...