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Amherst Town Meeting To Consider 'War Dollars' Measure That Would Bring Money Back Home, Away From Iraq And Afghanistan: 09/22/2010

SCOTT MERZBACH - Daily Hampshire Gazette

AMHERST - Town Meeting members will be asked to endorse a resolution aimed at pressuring national leaders to bring the money now being spent on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan back to local communities. Ruth Hooke, a Town Meeting member, said Tuesday that the "Bring the War Dollars Home" petition ...

Who Are The 81 Socialists In Congress?: 09/20/2010

- The Mountain

Before we answer the question posed above, it is vitally important to understand that those within the radical left wing movement in America today no longer call themselves "socialists" or "communists" (or even "liberals" in some cases).

Who Will Face The Music For Iraq's Future? : A Sad Sotry Of The Biggest Unilateral Undertaking: 09/20/2010

Georgiy Voloshin - Foreign Policy Journal

US President Barack Obama's August 31 speech, in which he announced the long-awaited drawdown of US combat troops in Iraq in line with his previous statements made all throughout his presidential campaign, came about as a logical outcome of what has been the electoral promise and a great hope. Looking ...

It's Time To Heed The Peace Activists: 09/19/2010

Laurie Thomas - Daily Record

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Tell Politicians How To Spend Money, Win $500: 09/18/2010

Braden Goyette - The Nation

We've already spent a trillion dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the meantime, education budgets are being slashed in schools like this one: [media image] You're more plugged into the communities you grew up in than policymakers in Washington—and The American Friends Service Committee and National Priorities ...

Council Calls For End To War Funding: 09/17/2010

- Daily Hampshire Gazette

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Questioning American “Victory” After Seven Years In Iraq: 09/14/2010

Jack Mulcaire - The Occidental Weekly

On Aug. 19, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the official U.S. combat mission in Iraq, came to an end, according to President Obama in his speech at the end of last month. The 4th Stryker Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division crossed the border from Iraq into Kuwait, retracing the same route ...

A Protester For The Ages: 09/13/2010

David Abel - The Boston Globe

NORTHAMPTON — Authorities dragged the short woman with white hair out of her congressman's Springfield office while she protested the Iraq war. She spent a month in federal prison after painting "Thou shalt not kill'' on missile tubes of nuclear submarines in Connecticut. She has been arrested nine times for ...

Peace Group Gathering To End America's Longest War: 09/11/2010

Ilze Petersons - Bangor Daily News

On the ninth anniversary of 9-11, I recall the disbelief, shock, anger, fear and sadness I felt when I heard of the 3,000 people killed as terrorists used airplanes as weapons to attack the World Trade Center. I remember how important it was for me to be able to share ...

Green Party Candidate: S.C. Needs To Be More Fiscally Responsible: 09/10/2010

Carlton Purvis - South Carolina Now

Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Tom Clements says he would like to see money that comes into South Carolina applied more responsibly to address South Carolina's high jobless rate.