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Bloomfield Public Square: Dialogue For The 21st Century: 04/29/2010

Jane Califf -

Matt Ryan, the mayor of Binghamton, New York, is so fed up with all the painful budget cuts he has to implement that he has embarked on a very unusual project that he introduced at a press conference April 14.

Unmanned Space Plane Opening Door To Space Weaponization: 04/22/2010

Charles Cooper - CBS News

After a decade of development work, the Air Force is finally ready to launch its secret space plane, the unmanned X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle from Cape Canaveral.The craft is expected to spend up to nine months in orbit and will re-enter Earth on autopilot. It will land like an airplane ...

Guns Vs. Butter 2010 : 04/22/2010

Ariana Huffington - Huffington Post

See if you can identify the bleeding heart liberal who said this:

2010 Us Spending Priorities: 58% To Military: 04/21/2010

Rady Ananda - Practical Populism

Air Force To Launch X-37 Space Plane: Precursor To War In Orbit?: 04/20/2010

Gordon Lubold - Christian Science Moniter

lear, sunny skies are forecast for Cape Canaveral Wednesday, perfect weather for the launch of a new unmanned spacecraft and the dawn of an era. Just don't expect the Air Force to tell you what that new era is.

A Demand Grows In Brooklyn: Fund Kids, Not Bombs: 04/18/2010

- Brooklyn Technical High School

Community residents filled the library at Brooklyn Tech High School Tuesday night to hear Jo Comerford, executive director of the National Priorities Project, speak on budget cuts, the federal budget and war spending

Local Budgets And War Spending: A Reflection For Tax Day, April 15: 04/17/2010

H. Patricia Hynes - OpEdNews

From every corner of America urban, suburban and rural the news of shrinking budgets and slashed community services sounds forth like a tragic Greek chorus.

Moyers On The Cost Of War: 04/16/2010

- PBS Bill Moyers Journal

In his closing essay this week Bill Moyers talks about Binghamton, New York's Mayor Matt Ryan and his effort to make manifest the costs of war to his town and its citizens. The mayor has installed a "cost of war" clock that keeps a running tab of how much in ...

Taxpayers' Tab: Test Your Tax Iq: 04/15/2010

- ABC News:Politics

On-Line Questionnaire

On Tax Day, A Reminder That War Is Not Free: 04/15/2010

Dan Froomkin - Huffington Post

How many tax dollars from your community have gone to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? And how else could that money have been spent? The National Priorities Project helps you figure that out quite easily, with its Cost of War web site. It shows you the total amount ...