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Fashioning Resistance To Militarism: 03/09/2009

Christine Ahn and Gwyn Kirk - Foreign Policy in Focus

In the silver lining to the devastating economic crisis, critiques of excessive military spending are now beginning to echo around Capitol Hill and throughout mainstream media. Federal budget priorities — and the billions of dollars tied up in the military budget — are coming under much wider scrutiny. For years, ...

Where The Money Goes: 02/26/2009

Norman Solomon - San Francisco Chronicle

Early this winter, the PBS "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" interviewed the medical director at a community clinic in Northern California. He recalled the sight of military equipment moving along railroad tracks next to his office. "I've joked with my colleagues," Dr. David Katz said, "if we could just get one ...

Spending '$1 Trillion" Hard To Fathom For Some Lawmakers: 02/08/2009

Jessica Wehman - Dayton Daily News

WASHINGTON — $1 trillion may be the new $1 billion. The economic stimulus bill in the Senate is perilously close to $1 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office in January projected that this year's budget deficit would be a record $1.2 trillion – about twice the amount of the year before. ...

Taxpayers And The True Price Of Oil: 10/16/2008

Peter Zerner and Joel Wendland - Political Affairs Magazine

The US government spends as much as $215 billion each year on military action globally to defend Big Oil's access to petroleum reserves around the globe in order to feed our addiction to oil, according to a new analysis published this week by the National Priorities Project (NPP), titled "The ...

Congress Should Stop Pointing Fingers And Do Something: 09/30/2008


The U.S. Congress needs to get out of 'pointing fingers' mode and pass legislation that is sensible and addresses the problem of impact of the financial crisis on the economy, Wilbur Ross Jr., chairman and CEO of WL Ross & Co. told CNBC's Asia Squawk Box. And it needs to ...

Jo Comerford Interview On Public Priorities For Big Bailouts: 09/27/2008

John Grebe - Sounds Of Dissent radio

Radio 33:53 min:sec. With $700bn at stake: what are the priorities? Jo Comerford of the National Priorities Project. See "What $700 Billion Could Buy" by Ruth Conniff 9/24/08 in The Progressive magazine. shows how much US budget money goes where. Article there "The Magnitude and Meaning of the Proposed ...

Got Money?: 08/16/2008

Marilyn Bechtel - People's World

State budget gaps spreading, reports say??Like pollutants spreading through a food chain, the consequences of the country's economic crisis are multiplying in state budgets around the nation. Bush administration policies have made the crisis worse. ??Three recent studies highlight the problem. ??Earlier this month, the Washington-based Center on Budget and ...

Iraq By The Numbers: Key Figures In The War: 08/01/2008

- The Associated Press

Article requested is no longer available.

Iraq By The Numbers: Key Figures Since The War Began In 2003: 05/02/2008

- The Associated Press

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Peace March Organizers Detail Iraq War's Toll On Western Massachusetts' Communities: 04/21/2008

Ken Ross - The Republican

WESTFIELD - The war in Iraq has cost this country more than several thousand lives, according to organizers of a peace march that took place from Westfield to Holyoke today. ??It has cost the country billions of dollars that could have been spent on services like health care and education ...