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Iraq War Spending Request Brings Total To $456 Billion; Proposed Budget Would Cut Programs For Neediest: 02/07/2007

- Common Dreams

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts - February 7 - While President Bush requests an additional $100 billion in war spending for fiscal year 2007, his proposed budget for fiscal year 2008 would cut $13 billion from programs that serve low- and middle-income Americans, according to the National Priorities Project (NPP), a non-profit, non-partisan ...

More Troops, More Dollars: 01/24/2007

- Common Dreams

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts - January 24 - The National Priorities Project released today a new publication, More Troops, More Dollars, which breaks down the cost of the Iraq War by state and congressional district. It also shows what the money spent in Iraq could buy each district in affordable housing units, ...

New House Members Busy Settling In, While A Retiree Reflects: 01/18/2007

John Laidler - The Boston Globe

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Terrorism & Security: 12/26/2006

- Christian Science Monitor

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Number Of Wealthy Army Recruits Dropping: 12/26/2006

- United Press International

Tomgram: Lewis Lapham, Sweet Celebrity: 12/11/2006

Lewis Lapham - TomDispatch

Let's consider for a moment the fates of two men who took unique paths in military life and whose careers were once intertwined: General David Petraeus, now our Afghan War commander, and his former subordinate General Stanley McChrystal, our former Afghan War commander before he became the first general since ...

Report: Tough Time Far From Over For States: 12/07/2006

Paul Davenport - Associated Press

The report did offer a glimmer of good news: State economies are improving, and so are tax revenues. And yet, modest gains in tax revenue will not be enough to help most states' budgets in the coming fiscal year. And that means more pain for those who depend on state ...

Obama Cuts Domestic Spending And Increases Military Corporate Welfar: 12/06/2006

Sean Hamilton - Censorship In America

President Obama's decision to increase military spending this year and in the future will result in the greatest administrative military spending since World War II. This decision is being made in spite of continued evidence of extreme waste, fraud, abuse, and corporate welfare in the military budget. At the same ...

Tax Cut Lies: The Day The News Died: 12/04/2006

Tom Hartmann - Common Dreams

The New York Times today jumped on board with a classic Frank Luntz "Big Lie." Democrats in the House and Senate put forth a bill that would reduce taxes on the first quarter-million, and then, when that failed, the first million dollars of income for every single American. Somebody earning ...

Got Vote?: 12/04/2006

- The Nation