Senate Races, Gubernatorial Races, and State Smart

Colorado, Georgia, and Kansas

Election Day 2014 is almost upon us and promises to be a nail-biter across the political spectrum. Among the Senate races, Politico’s weekly ratings classify four states as toss-ups (as of October 29). For states electing a governor this year, seven are in the toss-up category.

If you’re in one of these states (or any state, really) and want an overview of the landscape before voting, consider what Mary Treacy of had to say about State Smart on her blog:

A handy tool for navigating the data tsunami has just been launched by the National Priorities Project. It offers the rudderless voter a way to navigate the flow.

So take Mary’s suggestion and “interest, amuse and amaze yourself between campaign commercials with this simple but powerful resource!” Oh, and vote.

Senate Race Toss-Ups:

Gubernatorial Race Toss-Ups:

Special shout-out to Colorado, Georgia, and Kansas for making both lists—time to study up and get State Smart.

PS NPP has some other great election resources too: