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Senator McCain is Right: No Secrecy for Northrop Grumman on B-21

Senator John McCain has had enough of government secrecy and bloated Pentagon projects.

4 Things Congress Has Been Doing Instead of Passing a Budget Resolution

What's Congress been doing instead of passing a budget resolution? We name 4 things.

Happy Earth Day, Earth: Sorry We Were Too Cheap to Get You Anything

On this Earth Day in 2016, we’re collectively still shrugging our shoulders at this threat that most of us recognize.

U.S. Military Spending vs. the World: This is Crazy

We spend more than the next seven countries combined.

We’re in Federal Budget Limbo

This is why we can’t have nice things: last week, lawmakers in Congress missed a huge budget deadline.

Corporate Tax Dodgers Defeated! Pfizer Cancels Merger

The Pfizer merger with Allergan would have been the biggest corporate inversion ever.

Webinar: Do You Know Where Your Tax Dollar Went?

Tax Day is right around the corner. In an upcoming webinar, we'll tell you all about how your tax dollars are spent. 

War is a Failure; Will We Take a Chance on Diplomacy?

Knee-jerk military actions are our new normal. But when will we try something other than war?

Balanced Budget Amendment: Three Reasons It’s A Colossally Bad Idea

A balanced budget amendment was, is, and will remain a really, really bad idea.

Competing Visions: Our Budget, Our Priorities

We've just released our analysis of federal budget proposals. Trust us - you're going to want to see this.