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President Obama Asked for $5.3 Billion to Fight ISIS. Will it Work?

Americans deserve a real debate over military involvement with ISIS: what it will look like, what it may cost, and how far Americans are willing to go. 

Congress Approves Department of Homeland Security Funding

Three days before another potential government shutdown, Congress voted yesterday to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the rest of the fiscal year which ends on September 30.  

How Will Congress Avoid a Homeland Security Shutdown, Part 2

A Homeland Security shutdown was averted this past Friday, but only temporarily, when lawmakers gave Homeland Security one more week of funding.

Lawmakers to Pass a Stop-Gap Bill to Fund Department of Homeland Security

If Congressional lawmakers cannot come to agreement on how to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by midnight tonight, tens of thousands of workers could be furloughed and hundreds of thousands more “essential” employees would have to report to work without knowing when they’ll get their next paycheck.

Lawmakers Disagree on Department of Homeland Security

Just five legislative days remain between now and the end of next week, making a shutdown of DHS more and more likely.

Webinar: Get the Facts About How the President Wants to Spend Taxpayer Dollars in 2016

Register for our free webinar on 2/26 to get answers to your questions about President Obama's 2016 budget plan.

The President's AUMF and the Cost of War

We react to President Obama's proposal to Congress seeking authorization for the use of military force against ISIS.

The President's 2016 Budget in Pictures

Today we released The President's 2016 Budget in Pictures, a series of colorful charts telling the story of the priorities in the president's budget.

Top Five Things You Need to Know About Obama's FY2016 Budget Proposal

We've analyzed the key funding initiatives in President Obama's FY2016 budget and how they match up to Americans' priorities.

What You Need to Know about the President’s Tax Plan

About a week and a half ago, the White House released a plan to “simplify our complex tax code” and “make it fairer by eliminating some of the biggest loopholes.” Here we provide a brief overview of what loopholes he’d like to close and what he wants to do with the money.