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Senate Races, Gubernatorial Races, and State Smart

Election 2014 is almost upon us. "Interest, amuse, and amaze yourselves between campaign commercials" with State Smart.

NPP Brings You Competing Visions: Election Edition

This week, we revisit our popular Competing Visions analysis and provide you with a breakdown of how some lawmakers propose divvying up the federal budget. Because that’s what all our voter’s guides have in common: federal spending.

The U.S. Has Now Spent more than $1 Billion on Operations Against ISIS

As of today, the U.S. has spent $1 billion on operations against ISIS since June 16.

New Open Federal Spending Data: Week One

One week after launch, NPP presents hard-hitting analysis of the most popular State Smart states.

What Has the U.S. Spent Fighting Ebola?

What has the U.S. spent fighting Ebola? It seems nobody really knows. One thing we do know: it’s not a lot.

Spotlight: NPP's Data Transparency Voter's Guide

This week, following on the release of NPP’s new State Smart website that allows you to see how federal dollars flow to and from your state, we’re spotlighting our Data Transparency voter’s guide.

State Smart: Better Federal Budget Open Data

NPP launches State Smart and ends a dark time for federal spending data.

Spotlight: NPP’s Debt and Deficit Voter’s Guide

In fiscal year 2014, our nation spent $3.7 trillion on all federal programs and ran a budget deficit. The good news is that budget deficits are no cause for great alarm; they are pretty common. In fact, over the past half century, the U.S. has run a deficit in 45 out of 50 years.

State Smart: Federal Jobs in Your State

Our last State Smart preview digs into federal jobs and compensation in the states and what they mean for a pathway to the middle class.

Spotlight: Education and Student Loans Voter’s Guide

This week, we’re spotlighting our education-themed voter’s guides with facts about Education, Student Loans and Student Debt.