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Move the Money 2015: Shifting Spending from the Pentagon to Local Priorities in New Hampshire

From May through July, National Priorities Project staff together with partners from the Peace Action Education Fund will visit four states as part of our Move the Money training series.

Would Cutting Military Spending Hurt Virginia’s Economy?

If lawmakers cut military spending, would thousands of Virginians suddenly be out of work?

Millennial Perspective: Our Failing Infrastructure and the Highway Trust Fund

Many of our roads and bridges are close to fifty years old and desperately in need of investments for upgrades. In a 2013 report America’s Infrastructure, The American Society of Civil Engineers gave our national infrastructure a D+ - hardly sufficient.

Millennial Perspective: The Promise of Participatory Budgeting

NPP Executive Director Doug Hall will present at the Participatory Budgeting Conference taking place in San Francisco on September 25-27 on how to influence the federal budget process. In honor of the power of participation, we bring you a guest post from Tarsi Dunlop, of the Roosevelt Institute, on what participatory budgeting is and why cities should adopt it.

Millennial Perspective: Title X is Vital, Efficient, and Largely Unknown

While many Americans probably haven’t heard of Title X, it plays an integral role in our public health system, particularly for low-income and uninsured patients.

Millennial Perspective: How to Strengthen Social Security

Social Security is popular because it is a social insurance program that over 58 million Americans depend on to make ends meet.

Food Stamps Were Her Lifeline

In 2011, Emily was 20 years old and living in a homeless shelter.

Nuclear Famine: Two Billion People At Risk?

One of the most indefensible components of the federal budget is the continuing expenditure of tens of billions of dollars a year to maintain and upgrade nuclear weapons.

Spend More on Education to Save on Health Care: Millennial Perspective

When discussions around federal spending turn to trade-offs and long-term projections, the stakes are highest for the Millennial generation and those who are still in the K-12 education system.

Washington to Spend Trillions in 2014 (With No Debate or Transparency)

Congress failed to make funding decisions for fiscal 2014 on its regular time-frame, and now the debate on Syria has jumped to the front of the line. That means Congress is going to make some very last-minute decisions about spending in the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1. Even more last-minute than they had already planned.