Federal Budget Players Spotlight:John McCain

By Elizabeth Casey-Rutland

Photo courtesy of Robert Huffstutter

Name: John McCain

State/District, Party: Arizona, Republican

Leadership position: Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services

Number of Years in That Position: Less than 1, he assumed this position in January 2015

Number of Terms/Years in Congress: He was first elected 29 years ago in 1986. Before that he served in the US House of Representatives, he was elected to that position in 1982.

Percent/Amount of State Revenue from the Federal Government (2013): Arizona received $10.5 billion or 34.9% of its total revenue from the federal government.

Defense Contracts Awarded to State (2013): $11.2 billion

Memorable Budget Quote: “We need the people of this country to understand the devastation and the inability to defend our nation if these cuts take place,” on proposed defense spending cuts, 2012

Approval Rating: 26% favorable, April 2013

Total Amount Spent During Latest Election: $21.6 million

Top Donor/Top Industry: Pinnacle West Capital, Retired Individuals

Candidate’s Self-Financing: $0