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This #GivingTuesday, give the gift of change

Health care. Jobs. Social Security. Taxes. War. If you're like the majority of Americans, these things matter to you. Congress has only 10 days left to deliver a budget proposal that will decide the future of Medicaid, Food Stamps, Head Start, Social Security, corporate tax breaks, and much more.

Is a Budget Committee Deal on the Horizon?

As the Dec. 13 deadline for a budget deal approaches, some sources are saying prospects for a deal may be growing. Demand Congress do its job to avoid yet another government shutdown.

NPP Announces Democracy Champion Awards

In honor of NPP's 30th anniversary, we are proud to announce our Democracy Champion Awards, recognizing national leaders in the movement for a stronger and more equitable democracy.

Government Shutdown is a Failure of Democracy

The one-two punch of a looming government shutdown and the reliance on stop-gap spending measures to fund the government is a stark reminder of the rampant dysfunction in the halls of Congress.

Happy Fourth of July!

This Fourth of July, we're feeling especially patriotic about a vision for a federal budget by and for the people.

Coming Together for a Challenge

NPP successfully met our May Gift Challenge, thanks to the generosity of our online community!

A Pathway To a Better Federal Budget

Join me, if you will, in envisioning a pathway to a nation where the federal budget reflects the priorities of the American people.

Announcing Per Capita Spending Data

We’re happy to announce that our expenditure datasets now include per capita numbers. In other words, you can see the amount of money spent for each person who lives in a state or county. Why is this important? Below is a map of federal food stamp spending in FY 2010. ...