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Countdown to 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Announcement

NPP is a 2014 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is being announced on Friday.

#PeoplesClimate and People's Budget: #WorthSaving

Even the Pentagon has called climate change a national security threat. Why do we spend so little on climate change initiatives compared to so much on other programs?

5 Reasons to Talk to Congress This August

August recess is the best opportunity to tell Congress your thoughts on Iraq, immigration, corporate taxes, unemployment benefits, and more.

Corporate Tax Inversions and Our Ailing Tax Code

What corporate tax inversions mean for U.S. taxpayers.

We can't afford to spend more money on war in Iraq

Over the past decade, American taxpayers have sunk more than $816 billion into funding the war in Iraq. 

The Hidden Story Behind Student Loan Debt

Here's one way we could help Millenials attain higher education without burgeoning student loan debt.

Tax Day in 13 Surprising Charts

The average American taxpayer paid $11,715 in income taxes in 2013. Here's 13 surprising charts that show how the federal government spent those tax dollars.

How Would You Spend $3.9 Trillion?

Here are the five things you absolutely need to know about President Obama's proposal to spend $3.9 trillion in 2015

One Last Challenge in 2013

Help us meet one last challenge to end 2013 on strong financial footing.

7 Reasons to Sign Our Petition Right Now

There's just four days left before Congress sails past their self-imposed budget deadline -- again. Here are our top seven reasons why you should take 5 minutes right now to stop them.