Faces of the Federal Budget

The Faces of the Budget project tells the story of the federal budget through ordinary folks' personal experience.

[My food stamps] went from $200 to $160, from $160 to $120 all because my disability income is greater than what others get. More

Sharron from Northampton, MA | Map

We drive on public roads...My kids go to public schools. We visit public libraries. More

Karen from Danielsville, GA | Map

Every time Medicare/SS policy changes, what's available to my clients for their care and safety becomes less. More

Janet from Cotati, CA | Map

I am a liver transplant survivor because of Medicare. More

Allen from Portland, OR | Map

I have been on Social Security Disability since 2001... and I've been totally dependent on Medicaid and Medicare to cover the costs of major medical problems that scarred me since birth. More

Martin from Cortland, NY | Map

I was the first generation of my family to go to college, thanks to Social Security Survivors benefits. I received a monthly check since age 6 when my mother died. More

Terry from Albuquerque, NM | Map

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