Faces of the Federal Budget

The Faces of the Budget project tells the story of the federal budget through ordinary folks' personal experience.

I feel the mortgage interest deduction helped my parents buy a house back in the late 1940s. More

Grace from Willimantic, CT | Map

Without the home mortgage interest deduction (HMID) I would not be able to manage my expenses at all. More

Doris from Fort Washington, MD | Map

As a couple, we make less than $50,000 a year. We do itemize our deductions and the home mortgage interest deduction has helped us tremendously through the years. More

Leonidas from Pittsfield, NH | Map

I sold real estate for several years and it has become obvious to me that the big beneficiaries of the home loan interest deduction are the banks. More

Jonathan from Escondido, CA | Map

I can still remember Grandma and Grandpa getting their little checks. Actually they bought a little house on that Social Security money. More

Wayne from Independence, MO | Map

We tried to get food stamps because we were struggling to pay our bills and to buy food. It’s hard when you’re only making so much money – both of us working… More

Laurie from St Petersburg, FL | Map

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