Faces of the Federal Budget

The Faces of the Budget project tells the story of the federal budget through ordinary folks' personal experience.

I’m a business consultant … and I’ve been in literally hundreds of organizations. … You’re not going to ramp your business up because you got a tax cut … That’s not how business works. More

Vincent from Bloomfield Hills, MI | Map

To get health insurance when you didn’t work for government or a large company … was an unnecessarily high expense … partly as a result of the exclusion of employer provided health care from taxation. More

Art from Dallas , TX | Map

[With a sales tax] wealthy people like myself … are only taxed on a portion of what we make. … A wage earner is getting taxed on all of his and I’m getting taxed on a piece of mine. More

John from Santa Fe, NM | Map

I would be a Wal-Mart greeter now [if it weren’t for veterans’ benefits]. … I’d have to sit here and watch television and hold my breath that the furnace didn’t give. More

Joe from Amherst, MA | Map

Pell grants... and federal student loans enabled me to go to college and grad school… Were it not for these programs, I would be left with very few opportunities in the rural community I came from. More

Dale from Leeds, MA | Map

I live on my son's property and pay a moderate rate, was investigated by Social Security and half my SSI was taken away. More

Pamela from Laytonville, CA | Map

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