Faces of the Federal Budget

The Faces of the Budget project tells the story of the federal budget through ordinary folks' personal experience.

As a divorced, unemployed mother of two young boys (8 and 5 years), our country's financial standing is of high importance to me and my family. More

Charlotte from Interlachen, FL | Map

I never ever led them [my children] to believe that we could have more if I went and got food stamps. I never would have let them starve. We always managed. They never felt that they were lacking anyt More

Patricia from Stuart, FL | Map

The fact that the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction existed did not impact our decision to buy a house, and it did not impact the price we decided we could pay. More

Becky from Northampton, MA | Map

I can still remember Grandma and Grandpa getting their little checks. Actually they bought a little house on that Social Security money. More

Wayne from Independence, MO | Map

I had to finish high school still. So I went on programs: Medicaid and SNAP. I did odd jobs on the side, but SNAP was important because I could count on having it every month. It allowed me to get by. More

Asher from Las Vegas, NV | Map

If I made $100 less, I could go on every [government] program there is. But they tax you when you make money. More

Sandy from Salt Lake City, UT | Map

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