Faces of the Federal Budget

The Faces of the Budget project tells the story of the federal budget through ordinary folks' personal experience.

If I didn't receive work study I wouldn't have formed relationships with people that I have, as well as not getting the experience I have through these jobs. More

Alexandra from Framingham, MA | Map

At the time of entering school, neither of my parents would have been capable of paying for my education without financial aid — and still are not. More

Mia from Pasadena, CA | Map

I was shocked when we received a $6,000 check from the IRS for the reduced taxes on the middle class More

Martha from Boulder, CO | Map

I'm retired and on a fix income. The debt ceiling started to worry me. More

Charles from greensboro, NC | Map

Because of my limited fixed income, I have no health insurance. I’m not old enough to be on Medicare. … I could not live if I had to pay the premiums of private insurance companies. More

Paul from Fayette, MO | Map

Even though [the farm bill subsidizes] larger operations, farmers … pass that down. In the end, I receive some of that, whether it’s in the food that I eat or in the food that I give to my animals. More

Patty from Butte, MT | Map

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