Competing Visions: What Budget Proposal Best Matches Americans' Priorities?

Our federal budget is a document that should reflect the common values held by the American people. Often, though, the budget we get isn't one that invests in the programs Americans care most about. 

If you've been hearing about the budget proposals released by Congress this week, you won't want to miss our new Competing Visions analysis that examines how they stack up against Americans' priorities on 15 major issues including job creation, education, war spending, and taxes.

For example: 67% of Americans say improving the job situation is a key priority. Here's how each of the four major budget proposals tackles job creation:

  • President Obama would invest $478 billion over six years into job creation initiatives.
  • The House Budget includes no new funding for job creation.
  • The Senate Budget includes no new funding for job creation.
  • The Congressional Progressive Caucus would invest $1.3 trillion over 10 years in job creation initiatives.

The differences between the four budget proposals are striking, and all signs indicate a difficult budget battle ahead as lawmakers try to resolve widely different approaches despite clear public opinion in favor of certain policies.

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