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Military Action Against ISIS? #NotSoFast #AmericaMustKnow #WhenWillitEnd?

In the wake of President Obama’s speech to the nation last Wednesday, and with a bill in Congress today authorizing further military action against ISIS, we are left with several troubling questions.  At the top of the list are such critical, unanswered, questions as: Is military action, and the use...

State Smart: Cost of Military Contracts, Your State, and the Election

As the first in a series of releases leading up to State Smart, NPP profiles federal contract spending in the states, with a spotlight on the Department of Defense.

Spotlight: NPP's Military and War Spending Voter Guides

With a war budget that has topped $1.5 trillion since 2001 and ongoing cuts to domestic programs, military spending raises serious questiosn for voters in the upcoming November 4 election. 

Election 2014: A Voter's Guide to the Federal Budget

It’s election season, when the political ads and campaign claims will fly. National Priorities Project’s 2014 Voter’s Guides will help you pierce through campaign rhetoric and get to the bottom of how candidates approach critical federal budget issues.

5 Reasons to Talk to Congress This August

August recess is the best opportunity to tell Congress your thoughts on Iraq, immigration, corporate taxes, unemployment benefits, and more.

$1.5 Trillion and Counting: What New Involvement in Iraq Means for Federal Spending

As President Obama allowed a trickle of troops back into Iraq, and air strikes are expected to continue for weeks or months, Americans are wary about our role in a conflict most of us think we never should have started in the first place. Polls show that while Americans are divided on new airstrikes in Iraq, most are against sending troops back.

Pick Your Better Border Budget Battle: Can we reach a deal on the border crisis?

Competing funding proposals to deal with the border crisis express vastly different priorities about border security, refugee assistance, and legal representation, echoing the deep divisions about immigration reform overall.

Penny on the Dollar: US Foreign Aid is about One Percent of Spending

One of the most enduring myths about the federal budget is that a significant portion of it goes overseas in the form of foreign aid.  In fact, foreign aid is about one percent of the federal budget.

The F-35: The Pentagon’s Most Expensive Weapon Can’t Even Fly

The Pentagon’s most expensive weapons system in history, the infamous F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, was recently grounded. 

Give Peace a Chance: What the Federal Budget Tells Us About the U.S. Response to ISIS and Iraq

How will the United States choose to respond to instability in Iraq, where ISIS is at the center of renewed conflict?