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Federal Budget Process

In recent years the president has submitted his budget late, the House and Senate have passed only a few – if any – of the 12 appropriations bills, and Congress has relied on continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills to keep the government going.

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Parity, Schmarity: The Budget Deal Gives 56% of the Discretionary Budget to the Military

Lindsay Koshgarian |

The budget deal struck by the White House and House Republicans begins what could be a long-term shift in federal spending from domestic programs toward the Pentagon. 

Senators Failed to Add Anti-Immigrant Border Policy to Budget Deal

Alliyah Lusuegro |

Yesterday, two anti-immigrant amendments that would have extended the legacy of the draconian Trump-era immigration policy, Title 42, each took the Senate floor for a vote. Both failed. 

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Tax Day 2024

Lindsay Koshgarian

It’s spring, and that means Americans are filing their tax returns. Most will know whether they get a refund, but how many know where their tax dollars really go? 

FACT SHEET: Invest in Communities, Not Violence

Alliyah Lusuegro

For far too long, the U.S. has clung to a budget that prioritizes war, deportations and detentions, and policing at the expense of human needs. It’s time to reinvest these taxpayer dollars into real human needs — healthcare, education, housing, and a just energy transition to name a few. Here’s how legislators have splurged on militarism, and what could happen if those funds instead benefited people and communities. 

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