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Federal Budget Process

In recent years the president has submitted his budget late, the House and Senate have passed only a few – if any – of the 12 appropriations bills, and Congress has relied on continuing resolutions and omnibus spending bills to keep the government going.

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Senate Steps Closer to Tax Cuts for the Very Rich

Lindsay Koshgarian |

It's easy to see what comes next: claiming pressure from the deepening debt that they themselves created, members of Congress will want massive cuts to programs that help the poor and middle class.

Trump’s Budget Wars: War on the Poor, and Just Plain War

Lindsay Koshgarian |

If President Trump has shown us anything with this budget, it’s that he will seek to increase military spending, even if he doesn’t know why he’s doing it.

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National Priorities Project Statement on Trump FY 2018 Budget Proposal

Lindsay Koshgarian

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