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Education spending for elementary, secondary and higher education is projected to
account for 6 percent of total federal discretionary spending in fiscal year 2015, a figure that has
held roughly constant for decades.

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National Priorities Project Statement On President Obama’s Last Budget Proposal

Lindsay Koshgarian |

President Obama’s last budget proposal for fiscal year 2017 is a mix of old and new, of longshot proposals and sure bets.

State of the Union: 2016

Jasmine Tucker |

Last night, President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address. Take our short poll below!

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President Obama Proposes 2017 Budget

Jasmine Tucker

New proposal calls for investment in domestic priorities but also prioritizes Pentagon spending and military force.


Inequality Showdown: Early Childhood Education

Lindsay Koshgarian

It’s time for us to recognize that preschool is essential for our kids, our families, and our economy. And we can afford it.

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