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Health care is the fastest-growing type of federal spending, having risen from 7 percent of the federal budget in 1976 to more than a quarter in fiscal year 2015 as health care costs have risen in the industrialized world.

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At a time of a global crises, the United States is weaponizing its humanitarian aid

Houssem Chammam |

Humanitarian aid is the form of foreign spending that we need to prioritize for a safer future, instead of ever-flowing military aid. But the US is weaponizing it.

Would the U.S. have COVID under control if we hadn’t overinvested in the Pentagon?

Houssem Chammam |

It is tragically impossible to revert time to save a hundred thousand people from death, yet it is still possible for all of us to support and help kickstart the transformation of the U.S. federal budget to a just and equitable one.

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US Over-Investment in the Pentagon Left Us Vulnerable to the Coronavirus

Lindsay Koshgarian

Congress allocates hundreds of billions of dollars to the Pentagon and militarized policing and immigration systems in the name of security, while underinvesting in priorities like health care, medical research and poverty programs that could keep us safe during this crisis.

Fact Sheet: Wall Funding vs. Coronavirus

Lindsay Koshgarian

President Trump’s cruel immigration initiatives could instead fund a rational response to Coronavirus

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