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In fiscal year 2015, Pentagon and related spending will total $598 billion, accounting for 54 percent of all federal discretionary spending. That's roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets around the world, combined.

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Militarized Funding in Biden Budget Totals Well Over $1 Trillion (and it will grow)

Lindsay Koshgarian |

While the larger budgets makes some important strides forward, this discretionary proposal won’t provide security we need, in terms of costs of living, quality of life, climate change, or securing peace.

What We Spend on the EPA Compared to Pentagon Contractors

Guest Blogger |

Each year Congress gives more than 50% of its discretionary budget to the Pentagon. and one of the most wasteful uses of this money is on contract spending. 

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Tax Day 2024

Lindsay Koshgarian

It’s spring, and that means Americans are filing their tax returns. Most will know whether they get a refund, but how many know where their tax dollars really go? 

More Military Aid to Israel Will Mean More Deaths

Lindsay Koshgarian

In the face of massive suffering in Gaza and disregard for international law by the Israeli government, the U.S. must not provide additional military aid or weapons that would cause more deaths. Instead, the U.S. should use its considerable diplomatic strength to call for an immediate ceasefire. 

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