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Taxes and Revenue

Corporate income taxes are expected to account for less than 11 percent of all federal tax revenue in fiscal 2015. Meanwhile, income taxes paid by regular Americans will account for more than 46 percent of all federal revenue.

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Want More Jobs? Corporate Tax Cuts Won't Help

Lindsay Koshgarian |

Corporations exist for only one reason: to maximize profits, not employment.

Tax Day 2017: Taxes and All the Feels

Nora Ranney |

Taxes are like membership dues.  We pay them to fund our priorities – the services and programs we care about – and they are also an investment in our country’s future.

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Tax Day 2017

Lindsay Koshgarian

Want to know what your taxes pay for, and who pays what?

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Jasmine Tucker

National Priorities Project examines how new budget proposals stack up to Americans’ priorities.

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