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Budget Battle Deadlines for 2015: Immigration, Debt Ceiling and 2016 Federal Budget

We've talked about three New Years’ resolutions for Congress. Now that the new year has started, here are some deadlines for lawmakers to keep in mind if they want to keep those resolutions.

Tax Extenders Pass Congress for 2014

Congress passes a one-year extension of tax extenders bill.

Congress Passes 2015 National Defense Authorization Act

For the last 52 years, Congress has not once failed to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (or NDAA) that provides funding to the military. And in a bipartisan vote, lawmakers just made it 53 when the Senate voted to pass a House version of the bill earlier today.

Is There a 2015 Budget Yet?

Throughout the day yesterday, sources were reporting that the massive $1.1 trillion spending deal lawmakers have been negotiating for weeks would not pass because there were not sufficient votes.

Congress Has One Week to Make Sure the Government Doesn’t Shut Down

Two months into the 2015 fiscal year and just a week away from a government shutdown and Congress has not followed through on one of its most fundamental and important responsibilities: to fund the government.

What’s So Important About Tax Extenders?

“Tax extenders” can be a tough topic to figure out, which is why we just published “Tax Extenders, Explained.”  This blog explains why tax extenders are so important.

What Can We Expect from the Lame Duck Congress?

Lawmakers returned to Washington yesterday to begin work in the “lame duck” Congress that goes through the end of the year. There’s plenty to do, but there’s no telling how much will actually get done.

How Much Do We Spend on Our Nation’s Veterans?

Last week news broke that 629 U.S. troops believe they were exposed to chemical warfare agents while overseas more than a decade ago.  This begs the question: how much does our nation spend on veterans? 

NPP Brings You Competing Visions: Election Edition

This week, we revisit our popular Competing Visions analysis and provide you with a breakdown of how some lawmakers propose divvying up the federal budget. Because that’s what all our voter’s guides have in common: federal spending.

The U.S. Has Now Spent more than $1 Billion on Operations Against ISIS

As of today, the U.S. has spent $1 billion on operations against ISIS since June 16.