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Congress Takes on Keystone XL Pipeline, Obamacare, Tax Reform

Congress tackles the Keystone XL Pipeline, Obamacare, and makes a move toward tax reform in its first week back, with a side of business as usual.

Will You Vote On Tuesday, November 4?

Will You Vote On Tuesday, November 4?

State Smart: Federal Aid to Individuals in Your State

From California’s agricultural Central Valley to cities like Detroit and Washington, DC, to coal mining towns in Appalachia, federal aid to individuals touches communities in many ways. NPP previews a new State Smart dataset showing you how.

Spotlight: NPP’s Social Security and Unemployment Insurance Voter’s Guides

Americans say that ensuring the Social Security system and improving the job situation in our country are two of the most important issues facing Congress and the president in 2014. Here at NPP we have developed a set of Voter’s Guides that break down key federal budget issues like these into easily digestible facts and provide you with important questions for the candidates.

Election 2014: A Voter's Guide to the Federal Budget

It’s election season, when the political ads and campaign claims will fly. National Priorities Project’s 2014 Voter’s Guides will help you pierce through campaign rhetoric and get to the bottom of how candidates approach critical federal budget issues.

Fast Facts about our Workforce this Labor Day

As you’re gathering your friends and family around for one last summer barbecue this Labor Day weekend, don’t forget to recognize the day as a time to celebrate workers for their contributions to the strength, well-being, and prosperity of our nation. In honor of Labor Day, here are some fast facts on the American workforce, minimum wage workers, and the unemployed.

Raising the Federal Minimum Wage is Good for Working Families, the Economy, and the Federal Budget

The federal minimum wage is normally seen as a labor standard that imposes costs on businesses, and, by lifting up the wage floor, benefits low wage workers.  This is an accurate, but incomplete view, however, as it doesn’t show the impact on the federal budget that results from businesses failing...

Highlights From This Year's Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports

Yesterday the trustees of two key social insurance programs - Social Security and Medicare - released their annual reports projecting the future of the programs’ finances.

What Do the Recent Supreme Court Cases (“Hobby Lobby” and “Harris v Quinn”) Have to Do with the Federal Budget?

Doug Hall explains the budgetary implications of the controversial Hobby Lobby and Harris v Quinn Supreme Court rulings.

Tax Day 2014: GE's Tax Loopholes and Unemployment Benefits

This year's Tax Day brings startling numbers about how tax loopholes allowed General Electric to avoid paying billions in taxes.