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7 Things to Celebrate about Social Security on its 80th Birthday

Here are just seven reasons to love Social Security on its birthday and every day.

Social Security Turns 80

Know the facts about Social Security before the program turns 80 this week.

Medicare Celebrates 50 Years

Today marks Medicare's 50th birthday. What do Americans want for the future of the program?

Top 3 Things You Should Know from Yesterday’s Trustees Reports

Here's what you need to know from the Social Security and Medicare trustees reports.

House Votes on Republican and Congressional Progressive Caucus Budgets

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted down the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget and passed the budget proposal from the House Budget Committee, with some tweaks.

A Budget That Reflects Americans' Priorities

We take a look at a federal budget proposal that focuses on Americans' priorities -- such as job creation, education, Social Security, infrastructure improvements, and other domestic investments.

Competing Visions: What Budget Proposal Best Matches Americans' Priorities?

Check out our new Competing Visions analysis that examines how the major budget proposals stack up against Americans' priorities on 15 major issues including job creation, education, war spending, and taxes.

The President's 2016 Budget in Pictures

Today we released The President's 2016 Budget in Pictures, a series of colorful charts telling the story of the priorities in the president's budget.

What You Need to Know about the President’s Tax Plan

About a week and a half ago, the White House released a plan to “simplify our complex tax code” and “make it fairer by eliminating some of the biggest loopholes.” Here we provide a brief overview of what loopholes he’d like to close and what he wants to do with the money.

House Rule Would Cut Social Security Disability Benefits

A proposed rule change by the House of Representatives would prevent lawmakers from transferring funding from the Social Security retirement and survivor’s (OASI) trust fund to the disability (DI) trust fund.